MultiDrop Deliveries

MultiDrop Deliveries

You have started an ecommerce business and want to manage your product delivery to customers with a fast and secure service? Well, would you feel convenient to book 10 deliveries again and again for 10 orders, or will you prefer one-time booking for all the 10 orders?

Definitely the second option is by far comfortable, convenient and cost-effective. This is what multi-drop delivery service can do for you.

Multi-Drop Deliveries from BCSL – Keeping Your Logistics in Order

Whether you want to send 5 packages through the day or hundreds on the same day throughout the city and the surroundings, we are able to take control of your logistics with ease and efficiency. We come and pick-up the package at the pre-defined time, and deliver each one at the destination within the time frame.

Multi-drop delivery is a service that is usually required by ecommerce stores, retailers, and other commercial units and sometimes individuals when they have to send out packages to different locations. Instead of booking different deliveries – book one at once who can take care of your entire delivery requirements with comfort.

Benefits of Multi-Drop Deliveries

  • This service is ideal for businesses and clients handling high demand of orders & deliveries at once
  • BCSL ensures for each client one dedicated delivery partner undertakes the delivery in one go, handling each location delivery smoothly
  • Multi-drop delivery cut the job effort and time in half, as well ensure cut delivery costs immensely
  • Track all the deliveries through a single route tracking of the dedicated delivery partner assigned for your deliveries
  • We implement and use multiple drop vehicles and map the best and shortest route specific to our clients' delivery needs
  • Multi-drop deliveries ensure consistent service for the retailers and businesses, thus providing with calm and peace of mind
  • Multi-drop deliveries enable high-end customer satisfaction that improves businesses’ brand image

Whatever is your requirement for multi-drop delivery – Book now at ease!

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